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Yocan Loki Kit

Yocan Loki Kit

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650mAh Battery Capacity
Type-C Charging
Aluminum Alloy Body
Variable Voltage Settings

The Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer is a wax vaporizer made for those who wants something small but offers a whole lot more. It features some of Yocan’s latest innovations in portable vaporization including an aluminum alloy body that significantly improves the Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer’s weight making it an ideal device for on-the-go sessions. Yocan also fitted the Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer with its next-gen charging technology which ensures that owners spend more time vaping instead of waiting for their devices to get fully charged. It’s also equipped with the brand’s newest heating technology that offers smooth sessions every time you fire it up.


Like most of Yocan’s devices, the Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer is fitted with a means of temperature setting. It has three temperature profiles allowing owners to select a particular temperature setting depending on their consumption needs.
It starts with a low temperature level (at 3.2 volts) designed to provide flavorful wisps of vapor. Because it operates on a lower temperature setting, the vapor it produces are thin and are less visible compared to the other temperature profiles. Using the low temperature level is best for when you’re on stealth mode as huffing and puffing thin clouds of vapor will allow you to consume in incognito mode.

The next temperature setting is at 3.7 volts and gives owners a perfect balance between flavor and potency. It’s best for when you want to relax after a long day and help you prepare get a good night’s sleep. You get decent vapor viscosity that looks pretty much like cigarette smoke.

Lastly is the highest temp mode — 4.2 volts. This creates visible plumes of vapor that’s noticeably thick and heavy. Those who find satisfaction in blowing large clouds will enjoy hitting the Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer at a higher temperature profile. It also cranks up the potency level making it great for those looking for a face-melting session.


Yocan released the XTAL Tip a few vaporizers back and offered its customers a smooth and flavorful experience. It functions as a nectar collector which means you will have to hover your device over the wax concentrates. Yocan claims that the XTAL Tip creates crystal clear vapors offering consumers to experience a clean and flavorful session without any burnt taste or smell.

The XTAL Tip on the Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer features five airholes that helps improve the airflow. In addition, it uses a combination of both ceramic and quartz as a heating element. Quarts is a fast-heating component while ceramic is a slow burner. Combining these two heating elements create an ideal environment for you wax concentrates allowing them to be vaporized without reaching the point of combustion. This results in the production of clean and safe vapors with a high concentration of the natural cannabinoids from your materials.

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